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Accountability of Elected Officials
Career Paths to Congress
Chaplains in the U.S. Congress
House Ethics Process
House/Senate Differences
Lame Duck Congress: Attendance and Voting
Members of Congress: A Job Description
Members of Congress: Who Do They Represent?
Oath of Office for Members of Congress
Pledge of Allegiance: Standing for the Pledge
Pledge of Allegiance: Use in Congress
Qualifications to Run for Congress
Senate: 50-50 Split?
Senate Majority Leader: A Job Description
Sessions of Congress: Lengths
Size of House and Senate
Speaker of the House: a Job Description
Amending the Constitution
Constitutionality of Legislation
August Recesses
First Congress
GOP: Origins of Term
Ideology: Left or Right
Lame Duck Congress: Definition
Party Animals: the Donkey and the Elephant
Statue of Freedom
U.S. Citizenship Test
Amendment Tree in the Senate
Changing a Law
Conference Committees: In Decline
Conference Committees: Procedures
“Deem and Pass” Procedure
Executive Orders
Holds in the Senate
How to Find Basic Legislative Information
How to Keep Up With Congress
Types of Legislation

Recommended Reading

All available new and used at

The Process of Politics

Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics
by Charles Krauthammer. Crown Forum. (Hardcover – 1st Edition, Oct. 2013)

The Price of Politics
by Bob Woodward. Simon & Schuster (Hardcover - September 11, 2012)

The Parties Versus the People: How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans
by Mickey Edwards. Yale University Press. (Hardcover - Aug. 27, 2012)

The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America
by Ronald Brownstein. Penguin Press. (Hardcover 2007)

The Legislative Branch

Act of Congress: How America's Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn't
by Robert G. Kaiser. Knopf. (Hardcover – May 2013)

Dangerous Convictions: What's Really Wrong with the U.S. Congress
by Tom Allen. Oxford University Press. (Hardcover - Jan. 17, 2013)

On Appreciating Congress: The People's Branch
by Louis Fisher. Paradigm Publishers. (Paperback - June 1, 2010)

The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to Get It Back on Track
by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein. Oxford University Press. (Hardcover - 2008)

The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point
by Haynes Johnson and David Broder. Back Bay Books. Reprint edition. (Paperback - April 1, 1997)

Media Impact on Politics

Breaking The News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy
by James Fallows. Vintage. (Paperback - January 14, 1997)

Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind
Tim Groseclose PhD (Author). St. Martin's Press (Hardcover - July 19, 2011)

Media Power in Politics
by Doris A. Graber. CQ Press; 6th edition. (Paperback – August 1, 2010)

Feeding Frenzy: Attack Journalism and American Politics
by Larry J. Sabato. New Lanahan Editions in Political Science (Paperback - March 2000)

Spiral of Cynicism: The Press and the Public Good
by Joseph N. Cappella and Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Oxford University Press, USA. (Paperback - March 20, 1997)