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Why Congress Matters

Political Junkie or Interested Citizen?

Whether you are a veteran political junkie or simply an interested citizen, Congress expert Ilona Nickels unlocks the most puzzling mysteries of the Washington policy-making process with clarity, enthusiasm, humor and anecdotes drawn from her years as an insider serving the leaders of the House and Senate.

A passionate advocate for enhanced public understanding of how our government really works, especially Congress and the legislative process, she is renowned among audiences inside and outside the Beltway for her unique knowledge of the dynamics that can spell life or death for critical legislation and make or break complex public policy.

As a public speaker, Ilona Nickels brings many years of Capitol Hill experience to her non-partisan presentations, including six years as Resident Scholar for C-SPAN, where she answered questions about politics, elections, and the Congress for C-SPAN viewers, on-air and on-line.    Read More